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5 College Myths Debunked

1. MYTH - Most students graduate college in 4 years.  

    REALITY - The average graduate time is 4.5 years, with 58% taking 6 years to graduate. 

2. MYTH - If you have never heard of a college, that means it's no good. 

     REALITY - There are 400+ highly-selective colleges/universities in the USA. You can't know them all!

 3. MYTH - Colleges with well-known professors are the best.

     REALITY - Most well-known teachers devote their time to research or graduate students, not undergrads!

4. MYTH - Everyone should go to college.

     REALITY - There are many ways to learn working skills. it's really all about what is Right 4 You!

5. MYTH - My child doesn't need help with the college selection and application process. 

     REALITY - College costs as much as a house. If you use a real estate agent, then you should call us!       

Parent Testimonials
Our daughter had no idea what she wanted to do for a career.  We were struggling to find something that she would like, there will be jobs available, and would also be financially rewarding LN and Karen then identified excellent career choices, majors, and colleges with which we were all happy!  
Proud Parents - Heather and Ray
Right 4 You Advisors helped our oldest daughter narrow down a major and helped us to create a short list of colleges to apply to! They really helped our daughter to get into her number one college of choice! 
Proud Parents - Karen and Scott
Understanding college costs, the FAFSA, and loan options could make your money go farther. Don't be pennywise
but pound foolish. 
Communication is key.
Discuss the college planning process throughout high school.

Identify your child's and

family's long-term goals.

Matching students to colleges that meet a student's academic, social, and emotional needs will help students to grow and thrive.
Become aware of how you define success and if that aligns with your values.