High School juniors and seniors know how to fill in test bubbles, but do they really have to fill in so many? The August 2018 SAT recycled test scandal caused more colleges than ever to weigh whether students really need to take standardized tests. If you aren't a fantastic test-taker, that is great news. Now there are more options than ever to show colleges that a student can be successful without sky-high scores. Check out your options on the websites of the colleges that interest you. Possible options include writing supplemental essays or doing in-person interviews. Many schools tie merit aid to test scores, however, so make sure you aren't passing up on a significant amount of free money to avoid filling in those bubbles.

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La Roche College is set to host another great college fair this October 8th. It's the perfect time for students to visit with admissions representatives from a variety of schools. The way to get the most out of the fair is to make a game plan ahead of time. Since it's one of the largest college fairs in Western Pa, most of the local and regional schools will be represented. Pick out three or four schools you want to know more about and make sure you visit those tables first. Talk to the representative to find out why their school would be a great fit for you. Remember to find out what makes their schools special and how they can make your dreams come true!

On the way to the fair! North Pittsburgh College Fair Kerr Fitness & Sports Center Monday, Oct. 08, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

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