College Tours

A student should visit at least 10 colleges before applying to colleges. Given the time and money spent on college, a firm understanding of the variety of college campuses and facilities available is important. It's like test driving a car. The small differences between schools become more noticeable with repeated "test drives".  


Don't wait until decision time to visit a campus. Last minute, high-stress decisions are tough to make. Students need time to understand what school is right for them. Ask us about what to look for when touring a campus. 

Check out these resources before you visit a college campus. Getting familiar with the campus before you visit will allow you to see the forest for the trees when you actually visit.

1. You Visit - Vitual College Tours 

2. CampusTours -

3. Great Value Colleges - 30 Aerial Tours 

College Campus Tours by Right 4 You Advisors
College Students on Campus

When visiting colleges it is good to have them contrast in at least one way so students can consider the different experiences provided by the two colleges. Here are some local school trip suggestions.

  • Visit University of Pittsburgh (large, urban, public) and Chatham University (small, urban, private). 

  • Or visit Slippery Rock University (large, rural, public) and Grove City College (small, rural, private). 

  • Another possibility is Penn State University (large, rural, public) and Saint Francis University (small, rural, private).   

  • ​Your itinerary should include an admissions department presentation, a student-led tour of the campus and a visit to a dorm room and classroom at each college.

  • You should try to talk to current students about their experiences and eat a meal at one or both of the colleges.

  • Before the tour, families should discuss how to make the most of a campus tour, including what kind of questions to ask and what to pay attention to. 

  • Afterward, a family discussion about the students’ impressions of each college should occur. It can be very advantages to record these impressions is some way. They can add great detail to an applicant's "Why Us?" essay.

Typical College Dorm Room as seen on college campus tour
College Academic Building Meeting space