College and Campus Visit Resources

Becoming an educated consumer of colleges is important. Colleges can cost the same amount as a new car or a house! Most people don't buy those without some careful consideration.


  • Begin by learning how to evaluate college programs and the campus offerings.

  • Consider where your student might thrive.

  • Don't let prestige or expensive buildings sway you. Yes, some names do open doors, but being unhappy for 4+ years isn't worth the name on the degree.

  • Check out the resources below and tour lots of campuses. 

  • Learn what to look for so you can find the one that is Right 4 You!

1. National Center for Education Statistics

                   -  College Navigator

2. The College Board - College Search

3. The Economist - College Evaluations

4. Kiplinger - College Finder

5. Unigo -  College Search 

6. Peterson's - College Search 

7. You Visit - Vitual College Tours 

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