College Prep Activity Resources

Get the facts about New SAT, the ACT, AP testing, and SAT subject tests. Standardized testing is not going away anytime soon, so make it work for you.

  • Colleges are generally looking to up their freshman average scores. Who doesn't want to be on a top 10 list? 

  • Given that higher scores are always better, learning which colleges super score and understanding the reporting strategies is in your best interest. 

  • Based on your goals, one needs to determine which tests should be taken and when.

  • There are tips and guides to take it to the next level in testing, time management, and stress reduction. 

  • Look at these resources for more information. It's never too early to learn about what lies ahead.

1. College Board - SAT Registration 

2. Khan Academy - Free SAT practice and Pretests 

3. American College Testing - ACT Registration 

5. NACAC - Step by Step 

6. Best Colleges - Resources

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