College Planning Webinars

Workshops provide a forum to exchange ideas and for students to learn from peers in a safe and supportive environment. Below is a list of workshops that are available for interested groups.

Workshops on college admissions planning and financial aid advice
Small Group Workshop Topics
  • Getting the Most out of Self-Assessment Results

      College Campus Evaluations - Being an Educated Consumer 


  • Jobs, Careers and Life Expectations - Considering the Future 

      College Truths vs Myths - Is It Worth It?


  • Testing! Testing! Testing! - Study and Test Taking tips

      Stress, Study Skills, and Time Management

      How to Handle High School Issues - Best Practices


  • Teamwork and Personalities - Figuring It Out Together

      Project Management - How to Stand Out and Do Good 


  • What School is Right 4 You? How to Evaluate College Majors 

      What School is Right 4 You? How to Evaluate College Programs 


  • College Costs and Financial Aid - How Much? and Who Pays? Q and A

      Summer Plans - What’s Out There and How to Get What You Need


  • Personal Statement and Essay Topic Brainstorming 

      Resumes - What to List and How to Look Good on Paper 


  • Interviews - First Impressions Count! 

      What’s Behind the Curtain? - Finding Your Way Through the Maze of College Hierarchy    


  • Decision, Decisions, Decisions! - How to Know What to Do 


  • College Demons - How to Handle Naked Roommates, Dining Plans, and Homesickness